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2. Dive Sites
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other leisure acti- vities in Oludeniz
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2.  Scuba Diving in Turkey

Turkey's main scuba diving area is the west and south coast in the Mediterranean ( see - Oludeniz ). Conditions are generally excellent throughout the diving season from April to November with visibility up to 30 metres and water temperature well above 20°C.
Marine life is less abundant than in tropical seas but nevertheless includes a remarkable diversity. Observant divers may be able to catch a glimpse of groupers, rays, moray eels, turtles, octopi, and even seahorses in some areas - and there is an abundance of gorgeous nudibranch and coral species.

 Scuba diving in Turkey is unique with respect to underwater landscape. In particular in the region of Oludeniz (2.1.), the mountains of Taurus steeply drop down into the Mediterranean ( from the 3073 m peak "Kizlar Sivrisi" down to one of the deepest sites of the Mediterranean, 4482 m below sea level ).
Accordingly, underwater landscape is typically a varied selection of stupendous reefs, walls, and drop-offs. The wearing limestone forms numerous arkades and caverns. However, in front of valleys and bays you can also find shallow sites for those wanting to learn scuba diving.

Another attraction for scuba divers are the numerous wrecks around the coast of Turkey, both modern and ancient ( see 2.2. Wreck Diving ). Many sites also boast amphora and other pottery remains. Some of them are protected by law but more and more are being opened up for scuba diving.

Good visibility, warm water, underwater landscape features, quality accommodation, and a good range of activities for nondivers make Turkey a good option for scuba divers of all abilities.