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5. Dive Courses
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Prices for dive courses
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5.  Dive Courses

We offer a broad range of PADI and CMAS courses with worldwide accepted certificates - furthermore entry level courses, in which you and your childrens can make your first diving experiences ( see below, #2 ). And :
-  We attach importance to supervision in small groups and are ready to access a multitude of diverse dive sites (2.1.) - so you get an ideal environment for your education.
-  Scuba is what you want it to be - from thrilling adventure to peaceful interaction with nature. And among our dive sites and dive courses there is something for everybody ( e.g., see 5.2.7. ).
-  You don't have to spend hours in the classroom. The PADI education system together with our distance learning program (5.4.) minimises classroom time !
-  The PADI courses system (5.2.) is modular. So you can learn to dive a piece, and if you only have time for part of the course, what you've done will be credited in advanced courses.
-  You will learn diving in an appealing ambiance (2.1.) at a resort (7.6.) having much going for it.

Here is a listing of our courses and programs :     back to top (#0)
  5.1.1.  Try Dives :   A gentle shallow dive with minimal effort. Just try !
  5.1.2.  PADI Bubblemaker :   PADI introductory course for childrens aged 8 and above. Fun and games under water. Credited in advanced courses.
  5.1.3.  PADI Discover Scuba Diving :   PADI introductory course. Exciting 1-day training mediating first diving experiences. Credited in advanced courses.
  5.2.1.  PADI Scuba Diver :   First PADI certificate. Qualifying for diving accompanied by a dive master up to a depth of 12 meters.
  5.2.2.  PADI Open Water Diver :   Gives you all the skills and knowledge to dive in open water. Qualifying for diving accompanied by a buddy without supervision.
  5.2.3.  PADI Advanced Open Water Diver :   Continuative training in naviagation, deep diving, and three areas of your choice.
  5.2.4.  PADI Emergency First Response :   First actions in case of an emergency. Extensive first aid course. Prerequisite to the "rescue diver" certificate.
  5.2.5.  PADI Rescue Diver :   Mediating the skills and knowledge for a rescue under water. More self awareness as diver !
  5.2.6.  PADI Divermaster :   First professional certification level. Qualifying for supervising diving activities and assisting dive masters.
  5.2.7.  PADI Specialities :   Educates in special fields of diving, e.g., underwater search & recovery.
-  CMAS 1-star course :   Corresponds to PADI "Open Water Diver". Finished with bronze certificate.
-  CMAS 2-star course :   Corresponds to PADI "Advanced Open Water Diver" + "Rescue Diver". Finished with silver certificate.
-  CMAS 3-star course :   Corresponds to PADI "Divemaster". Finished with gold certificate.
Complete your dive course efficiently and comfortably. We send you a training kit. Prepare yourself at home and start nearly at once with the first dive at your holiday destination.