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  5.4. Distance
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5.4.  Distance Learning Dive Course

This is an easy way to learn to dive ! With our distance learning dive theory course you will be able to get certified with the minimum of hassle. You will learn the theory at home and when you are in Oludeniz you can go diving straight away.

And here is how the program works :

-  At home, you receive your PADI training kit containing a manual, dive tables and a student record file.
-  The manual is an easy to read guide to the theory of scuba diving. Read through the chapters at your leisure and answer the knowledge reviews at the end of each section.
-  When you get stuck - you can always e-mail your questions to your PADI instructor at "Blue World Diving".
-  When you have completed the reviews, your PADI instructor will look through them. Just send them per e-mail or bring them with you to the dive center.
-  Fill out the appropriate sections in the student record file* and you are good to go.
-  Here at your holiday destination you will watch a video and answer a short quiz - and you're ready to dive !
Please be aware of the fact that if you answer "yes" to one of the questions on the medical questionnaire you will need a doctor's written approval to start any in-water activities. For your own comfort and safety we always recommend a medical check-up by a diving doctor.

Please contact us (7.7.) for further information.